Forza Street owns impressive 3D graphics and familiar racing gameplay

Forza Street is the latest title in the main Motorsport series, available on the Windows 10 Store PC and coming to a mobile version soon. The game focuses on stunning 1vs1 street races with quirky yet engaging character designs. It’s a mysterious patron, a guy who looks older when he wears a hat.

The immediate impression is the graphics of Forza Street, which is extremely spectacular. A bustling city of Forza, most races take place at night with eye-catching reflective neon lights.

The races are also using a variety of cinematic angles to make them come alive. If you can keep the same on the mobile platform, Forza Street will be the most beautiful mobile racing game right now.

Besides, the gameplay of this game is also extremely familiar and simple for those who love this genre. All operations of braking, driving, accelerating, are done with just one touch on the touch screen.

To control your car, you just need to touch the screen. When you arrive at a turn, the indicators on the tracking signal indicate when you should release the throttle.

The race is also happening at a fast speed, it only takes a minute or so has ended, sometimes it will make players feel down. The lack of music in the racing process is also a minus point of this game.

In general, Forza Street will be the perfect choice for you if you want a mobile racing game with beautiful, action-packed visuals. Forza Street is much more wallet-friendly than its free competitors.

Even so, you can tow the same car over and over again, so you won’t always need something new. This is not a disaster, as it will improve the performance of your car.

In addition to story events, there are also standout events, upgrades, and opponents. Spotlight gives you the opportunity to unlock a specific rare vehicle each week.

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