First feel about Doom Eternal game

We continue to play the role of the heroes that protect the Earth in the latest Doom series titled Doom Eternal. How to play is extremely simple. Players will play the role of a warrior with dozens of weapons around him. And their only one task is to wipe out the demons that are intent on slaughtering humanity.

Following that tradition, Doom Eternal has done very well the inheritance of the elite values. You fight alone, but you have both the strength and the speed to rip those demons with your hands. And yet, as long as you play on the road, you will find and discover more weapons.

Doom Eternal looks like a speed race between humans and demons. You have to keep running to hope for a chance of survival, if you just look for a hiding place, your survival rate will gradually drop to 0.

Only by moving and killing demons can you collect enough items you need. If you perform a Glory Kill with your bare hands while stunned a demon, you will be restored to HP.

If you find gasoline on the way, you can refuel your saw blades faster. And if you use a saw blade, you can reload your weapon. Sounds tiring, but these tips are really helpful.

During the run and shoot like this, you will meet more than 25 different types of demons and of course, no one looks like any other. You will have to use a separate gun for each demon to counter them.

And the Hell Knights, identified as a skull symbol above, must run fast if you do not want to lose your life unjustly. You have to run and shoot to live. Prioritize killing the Hell Knight if you meet him in a crowd of demons.

One of the bosses in the early game is Doom Hunter will have to make you use two different weapons. It is a half-demon, half-machine. You must first use the Plasma Rifle to shoot and then you can neutralize the mechanics inside it with rockets or Precision Bolt on the cannon.

Doom Eternal is considered to be the best Doom game since the first Wolfenstein and Doom versions in the 1990s by Id Software up to now.