The Corruption 2029 – Epic new exclusive title game

When The Beared Ladies and Funcom cooperated to launch the Mutant Year Zero game, many gamers surprised about the quality of this game. But since that time, Funcom has only focused on developing two brands, Conan and Dune. The Beard Ladies announced a new original game titled Corruption 2029.

Similar to its predecessor, Corruption 2029 will be a strategy game set in the post-apocalypse. In this world, America has been taken over by mutants and it is the player’s job to drive them away. However, unlike the previous game, the gameplay this time focuses more on the hidden elements.

At a glance, Corruption 2029 is quite well-designed and has the potential of a game worth playing when the cost of the game is announced. It was the host studio that did not specify whether the game would be available on the Steam platforms. This will partly affect the company’s revenue and not to mention adding fuel to the battle between the two giants of the PC game industry.

My first impression of Corruption 2029 was that of military, high-tech. The characters we are controlled to look cool with military uniforms. The gameplay of Corruption 2029 inherits the spirit of Mutant Year Zero. It also combines stealth action, real-time environmental exploration and a turn-based battle system with 2 AP points and cover.

Besides, Corruption 2029 also has some changes to create a unique substance. If you choose the right location, it is possible to evaporate an entire building with 3 to 4 enemy units.

With the machine gun emulsion activation code, it’s not really useful because it depends too much on the location of the gun dock. None of the enemies are so stupid that they put the machine-gun heap towards their troops. So even though the amount of damage can be inflicted so much, it’s usually still only good for clearing a few frontline units.

The grenade is highly customizable. Instead of having a multitude of different grenades with different uses like the Mutant Year Zero. The grenade in Corruption 2029 can comfortably switch between four different uses