The Tom Clancy’s shooter title Rainbow Six Siege game

If you are a fan of first person shooters, you want to find something new and more difficult than hot titles like CS: GO, Battlefield or Call of Duty? Why don’t you try Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege hit.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a promising product for Ubisoft’s competition. Whether this new product of the company can compete with longtime giants like Value and Blizzard. Not to mention the online segment and Esports has always been Ubisoft’s weakness. Let’s review this hot and successful game.

If you have to compare the previous team fighting games, Rainbow Six is ​​a completely new gameplay. And it is not severely affected by Counter-Strike and is not restricted to gameplay.

The gameplay contrast is thoroughly applied through the way the home team and the home team act. With the two opposing targets, the attacking team must continuously detect the weaknesses, intrusion points and retreat points.

In contrast, the team must use the available equipment from the characters they choose to set traps, cameras, and positions so that the enemy cannot attack. To help gamers have the best experience when playing Rainbow Six has cut all the cumbersome manipulations while optimizing the controls of the character.

But not so the actions or teamwork are constrained. All limited only by your imagination. With 20 characters from 5 different forces, the characters not only differ in skills, appearance, equipment, but also speed or stamina.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s most typical example is IQ character. Although it is designed to be a mid-range and long-range support item, for anyone with a bold gameplay and tactical vision. Then this character is the key point for your teammates to win.

To show success and not be tedious, screen design plays an important role in the success of Rainbow Six. Not only are it designed excellently in architecture and art, but also very clever in the tactical structure of the individual levels.