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The success of 3D Sword so far cannot help but mention the “refresh” of most features. They help players escape the rut. Instead of attaching the skill set to the character, 3D Sword Art allows players to switch sects freely.

They renewed the skill set, opened up a variety of craft directions for only one of their characters with a rich skill branch, clearly countered. 3D Sword Photo also inherits many remarkable quintessence such as: diversified market system, unlocked hunting, sure to equip Boss, large warehouse.

This is a great attraction, enticing a lot of gamers to step into the experience. That’s during the past two weeks, energetically establishing a state, bustling building a married couple.

As we all know, Photo Kiem 3D is currently the stopping place of the passionate fan community. The game possesses a diverse system of equipment and features to help players use it to increase the character’s war power to the highest level. We can freely mourn, depending on the ability to break through the realm of ourselves.

The VIP system in the game Photo Sword 3D Mobile is very diverse, but that does not mean that you have money to get to Vip. Remember Photo Sword 3D is a game that hunts rare items, hits Boss who drops a lot of good items, can be sold at a good price KNB. Using that KNB will automatically spend on Vip.

One of the things that cannot be ignored every day is to hunt for Leader Boss. If you do not have time to compete at the high boss PK floors, gamers can choose to “hang the boss”. Most gamers do not need to pay too much attention to this feature because during the experience, the player will complete the tasks in it.

Getting married is something that any Photo Kiem 3D gamer wants to do as soon as possible. However, in addition to earning a soulmate, this feature also brings extremely valuable benefits that you cannot ignore.