Review Guts and Glory game

Guts and Glory is an entertainment game that brings you moments of laughing. For many years now, many independent developers have continued to release funny.

Even hilarious or metamorphic games in the game to attract players. This is something that AAA game developers could never do or more accurately dare not do.

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Mainly for fear it will affect their reputation. Guts and Glory is an indie game like that. The game has many ideas that can only be called “un-support-able”. But there are some problems in the design that can make players lose interest in the experience.

The rules of Guts and Glory are very simple. The task of the player is to drive a certain vehicle from A to Z according to the checkpoints set in the game screen. It sounds easy but this is not a racing game as you expect.

Even in many cases, the player must also drive at the same speed as a snail to overcome the number of screens that the game offers. The problem is, while you’re busy driving to your destination, the whole screen environment is moved to the limit to prevent you from reaching the finish line!

Right from the initial tutorial screen, players are taught many tricks that the characters can perform. It’s called a guide, but the game is not easy at all, and it is common for you to die and revive to complete these tutorial screens.

Guts and Glory offers a more entertaining experience than any other game I’ve ever experienced. The way to the finish line is suddenly overkill, though sometimes it’s only a few hundred meters if you go in a straight line.

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Conversely, if you are serious, you will not laugh at all the funny experience that the game brings. So I warned from the beginning that the game is not for serious people.

All are quite funny if seriously not in your dictionary. Because if you consider this a serious experience, it seems you have played the wrong game.

Guts and Glory is a very unrealistic game, and this brings a sense of humor that is equally inhibiting to the player. The worst is that it comes from the problem of the game, not the problem of the player