The recently launched post-apocalyptic action game of Playpark

The main content of Crossout allows players to assemble unique machines from materials collected outside of the vast Earth. It was after apocalypse and used to destroy enemies in PvP battles.

Recently Gaijin Entertainment and studio Targem Games have introduced a brand new online game Crossout. It has an extremely attractive ‘racing racing’ style. Certainly gamers who love high-speed action games must be fascinated.

The Return of the Knight Riders - News - Crossout

They promise to help players freely develop their own creativity. You can assemble impressive combat vehicles to suit your style and play style.

The world of Crossout is home to groups of survivors with different ways of playing such as: Lunatics represents the group of bohemian people, independent and love the speed cars, melee combat.

Steppenwolves are well-trained veterans of battle tactics, possessing good armored vehicles and long-range cannons. The map system and game mode are also one of the impressive elements of Crossout. Battles will take players to many different locations on the map like an abandoned factory.

Lots of environments for players to perform PvP missions. In the quest to find resources and dominance, players will attack settlements. In the middle of battles, players can entertain with “Track” mode. It was a race to take first place when going downhill without using weapons.

Crossout - Arsonist Pack trên Steam

Despite its launch in the European market, Crossout still receives the love of the Asian gaming community. This is a promising start to bring the best experience to the Southeast Asian community.

Gamers can choose a suitable vehicle, from large powerful trucks to dynamic offroad vehicles. In Crossout, gamers will have to face alien monsters that are occupying Earth.

Players are spoiled to express their creativity in building their battle vehicles. That’s when it is completely possible to install or change appearance.