The 20 Second world record defeats the most powerful Boss God of War

No matter how magical it is, the strongest boss of God of War is unable to resist the force of the Kratos. Despite being released for 2 years, God of War is still one of the most popular action and role-playing games. Although not too difficult, but the bosses in God of War are also inspiration for many gamers to conquer and challenge themselves.

In Norse mythology, in preparation for Ragnarok, Asgard’s king Odin built Valhalla and selected virgins from the races. They are called Valkyries.

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The head of the Valkyries is Queen Sigrun. As one of the forces most trusted Odin, not to talk about the elite of the Valkyries. To Sigrun, she was a mighty warrior and possessed power not inferior to any gods in Asgard. Valkyrie is responsible for bringing the souls of the soldiers who sacrificed heroically on the battlefield to the holy kingdom. They are trained and prepared for the next battle

In defeating Sigrun, the world record now belongs to Ray Dhimitri when this Youtuber takes only 20 seconds to take down God of War. This is the most difficult boss of game. With the New Game Plus mode and the difficulty of Give Me God of War, Ray Dhimitri’s Kratos is really powerful and unbeatable.

Sony dự định chuyển thể game God of War thành phim hành động cộp ...

It is known that this new part of God of War is a product produced by SIE Santa Monica Studio and released by Sony Entertainment. The game is the fourth installment of the popular God of War series that was first released in 2021 on the PlayStation 2.

Unlike previous versions, this new God of War will focus on Norse mythology. That is instead of Greek mythology like its predecessors. At the moment, the new God of War has been officially released around the world and exclusively on PS4.