Age of Knights – Tension strategy game

Empire: Age of Knights was released on October 9 and is probably the ripe time to rate this game. This is a promising mobile strategy mobile game.

By the initial launch, Empire: Age of Knights has achieved relatively much success on Android. It also served as a part of the famous Empire series and chose a familiar medieval setting. In addition, the game is also highly appreciated for its smooth animated graphics, hidden gameplay and intricate gameplay.

Empire: Age of Knights mobile was released by Goodgame Studios, an online game company based in Germany and was founded in 2009. They started it all by releasing Goodgame Empire in 2011 in the free form. fee, is set in a medieval setting and is a browser game.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Empire: Age of Knights

Web browser games were very popular at the time, but after mobile games broke the market, the company developed or purchased copyrights for many other titles, such as Goodgame Farmer, Goodgame Poker, etc.

On Google Play, Empire: Age of Knight is a free game, but there are still in-game deals and have been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. However, the amazing thing is that it has nearly 7000 votes and achieved a total score of 4.5 stars!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Empire: Age of Knights

The life of the soldiers has returned to normal balance and they have had peace for a while.

During this time, Lords and Ladies established new kingdoms with beautiful castles, and all focused on trade and prosperity. However, peace is never eternal. However, Empire: Age of Knights offers a number of unique features for both strategy and housing development.

In general, if you are a fan of the online competitive strategy genre, this is a very rewarding game. But it’s not for timid people, always ready with stressful moments. The fierce competition speed will make you always focus your mind on the game.