Why Pokemon gamers always need items to share experience

As we all know, a Pokemon team has always consisted of 6 Pokemon in the same squad. This is considered the optimal squad for players to be able to conquer the entire world of Pokemon. To practice level 1 or 2 Pokemon is not too difficult. But for the whole team to have the same level, it is quite a difficult problem for the coaches.

It is very important for Pokemon to have equally high levels. especially when entering into long battles, such as when facing an Elite Four. Thankfully, game developers have thought about this and added one of the game’s most important items. It’s Exp. Share, also known as experience sharing.

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With the presence Exp. Share, the level training for Pokemon is significantly shortened. Instead of wasting time plowing hoes each Pokemon, players can divide experience points for many Pokemon at the same time.

However, the experience divider has been revised several times throughout the 8 generations of Pokemon to create a balance and suitable for gamers. In the first generation, the amount of experience of Pokemon not participating in the battle will be half that of the starting Pokemon. Players also just need to keep this item in person.

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This has been adjusted from the 2nd generation onwards, Pokemon must wear Exp. Share on people to be able to share the experience. The 3rd to 5th generations also follow this rule. but a little bit more when Pokemon wears Exp. Share also receive EV after the battle.

Players can turn it on and off according to their liking. This modification is quite beneficial for those players who like to practice EV. because they can now wear Macho Brace for their Pokemon.

It exists right from the beginning of the game, helping players to further shorten the time of training level and index for their Pokemon.