Riot is relieved when she doesn’t become the second Akali

It seems that Riot Games edits have worked and got Senna back in her place. Senna immediately debuted to climb to the top in both gunner and support positions thanks to the direct skill set, suitable for many generals and squads.

The fact that Senna has so many tools in her kit makes Senna possess a desirable opening win rate of 47.6 percent (much higher than the 30 percent for Sylas and Yuumi when she came out eye). It even increased to 56 percent when the preseason, version 9.23 was released.

Nerf thành công Senna, Riot thở phào nhẹ nhõm khi cô ta không trở thành Akali thứ hai - Ảnh 5.

Senna’s problem is that she is very strong in the Support position with healing skills, good ally protection, but when used as a gunner, this champion is even stronger. The basic range is far, increasing with the number of souls. That makes Senna become an extremely modern version of the gunner with high versatility and almost absolute safety.

Riot Games knew this and they planned to reduce Senna’s power in version 9.24, but the nerf tradition is still strong. Like Akali, a lot of people think that Lucian’s wife will continue to be badass. However, this time Riot did the right thing when hitting hard and the soul earned as a gunner.

Then Senna had a much more reasonable win rate. It was Riot August, a senior member of the League of Legends design team, that confirmed this.

Nerf thành công Senna, Riot thở phào nhẹ nhõm khi cô ta không trở thành Akali thứ hai - Ảnh 1.

According to the statistics that Riot August announced, Senna is in a relatively balanced position when the win rate in both gunner and support roles at 49-50 percent.

Basically, Senna’s general is not so maneuverable, so it is difficult for her to be too powerful, the champion’s overwhelming victory in the past was entirely about keeping the inventory too good while still Cause strong damage.

With Senna’s damage nerf, this champion is returning to the position Riot wants. It’s a versatile support from long range and serves many different tactics. Fortunately we will not have to witness a second Akali anymore.