Popular Types Of Computer Games You Should Know (Part 2)

  1. Educational game

There are some great educational games out there which can help with the learning process although many teachers and parents complain about video games. Using games and train in a variety of subjects to make learning fun instead of boring. You can answer multiple choice questions from testing functions. Math, ICT and science are the most common types of educational games.

  1. Adventure game

These are usually single player games, generally starts with a back story of your character, are often set in adventure or fantasy worlds and let you know what your mission is. You have to figure out how to complete your mission. You also complete puzzles to advance levels.

  1. Puzzle game

These are brain games which have many levels, with no action involved from beginner to expert. These games usually have simple actions and coloured shapes which appeal to those who love solving difficult puzzles.

  1. Action game

You need to have excellent reflexes to complete challenges by fighting with enemies, and jump into the action. You need to use a character of your choice to represent yourself and be fast to enjoy these fast-paced games.

  1. Combat game

You need good reflexes to fight one on one with opponents, personal and up close. It requires the ability to use the controls for all types of fighting moves.

  1. Role-Playing game

You will love role-playing games if you love fantasy. Many of these games contain narrative guides.You get to be the hero or act out the part of the main character and make decisions which go along with the story lines of the games.

  1. First Person Shooters

You act out to be the protagonist, as the game is viewed through your eyes. Because you are seeing things through your own eyes so the only problem is that you are not able to see how you look in the game. You can truly get into these games.