Popular Types Of Computer Games You Should Know (Part 1)

There are many different genres or categories of games today when computer games are loaded with action. However, many games can own more than one genre. For example, a simulation game could be considered as a sports game, as well as a soccer game. To better understand the various computer game genres there is some information belows.

  1. RTS game

You usually need to build up your inventory of armies, items, and so on for these Real-Time Strategy games. Similar to a strategy game, you can play together RTS games at the same time because they move in real-time, and at once players can play without taking turns.

  1. Sports game

The most popular sports games are usually based around real-world sports and specific popular sporting events such as soccer, baseball, and basketball. Your game will involve mimicking real professional athletes and the way they move as you work up through several various skill levels.

  1. MMO game

The creation of these Massively Multiplayer Online games involves thousands of hours of programming, which gives the most amazing gaming experience possible to the player.

These games are played via the Internet or over a LAN (local area network). Players interact with other players through a network in the virtual game room. You can play against gamers from all over the world.

  1. Simulation game

These games involve taking control of ships, tanks, and aircraft which are real-world vehicles. You use simulation games which can also be used to train professionals and learn how to control these vehicles. In fact, Before the pilots actually take flight, many of them are trained how to use airplane simulators.

  1. Stealth Shooter game

These games tend to be spy-based games or war games, from which you defeat your enemies by using stealth. You use weapons to shoot your opponent and win the battle.