PES 2020 has just released the free version, FIFA immediately responded 

FIFA 20 officially introduces new creative modes to help make its game more diverse and stronger.

In the field of sports games, FIFA and PES are always considered to be rivals because both games are always quality products with elaborate investment in both gameplay, technology and image. player rights. Recently, after losing a few advantages to PES, FIFA 20 officially introduced new creative modes to help its game more diverse and stronger attraction.

At the last E3 event, EA has confirmed there will be many new features in FIFA 20 and will be revealed gradually. Recently, EA has posted on the blog about its upcoming plans in response to many questions from fans. Specifically, EA is building a detailed content about the creative mode for players, adding many new details to Pro Clubs mode including new broadcast features and other modes. Players can access transition effects, watermark on frames, banners and logos of Pro Club mode. Not only that, FIFA 20 will add back the three positions that many players long for, including two-wing defenders, two-sided midfielders and two-sided strikers.

In addition to the details above, athletes in FIFA 20 can be adjusted to more than 30 additional features, according to EA: “If combined with special features, that mechanism will allow the Customize players to be raised to a new level. However, despite providing huge benefits, this mechanism will also require certain costs and affect other attributes. ”Similarly, EA said the player’s stats such as height and The weight will play a bigger role in the game. At the same time, FIFA 20 will also introduce a new avatar creation system that has been used in Pro Clubs mode with more detailed appearance and appearance options.

Pro Clubs will also receive House Rules Cup mode inspired by the previous Kick-Off Mode. House Rules Cups will add a new match type every day and will have a special reward on the weekend. In addition, EA is expected to add a special training mode so you can alone pass up to 99 AI players.