Death Stranding reveals super easy game mode

Hideo Kojima has revealed that Death Stranding will have an easy game mode for amateur people.

Hideo Kojima has revealed that Death Stranding will have a very easy game mode for “movie fans”, because there may be people who will play Death Stranding who are not regular gamers that they are tempted to play. led by its famous cast.

On the Twitter page of @Kaizerkunkun, who is Hideo Kojima’s personal assistant, states that she has completed playing the Death Stranding test with Very Easy mode, “for those who do not regularly play games or movie fans. or RPG fans.”

With all that has been seen through the trailer of Death Stranding, each of us will have a simple understanding for a game that is “difficult to understand” but also follows surrealism that few people dare to challenge. Hideo Kojima’s previous products such as Metal Gear, Policenauts, P.T. … all have the same characteristics. Overcoming the in-game stories, famous faces, and whirlwinds of science fiction will reveal to the players the core nature of Death Stranding – something Kojima has been trying hard to explain to the gaming world.

Sony once called Death Stranding its exclusive game in a press release in 2016. In addition, Sony not only owns the Death Stranding brand, but it also runs on the Decima Engine exclusively for its hardware PS4. But no matter what, it’s good to play Death Stranding on both PS4 and PC.

Although Kojima does not elaborate on Very Easy, it will most likely be similar to Mass Effect 3’s Narrative mode, lowering the level of in-game dangers to allow fans to enjoy the story.

Death Stranding has an all-star cast led by Norman Reedus as the protagonist Sam Bridges. Joining him on this journey include Lea Seydoux in Fragile, Mads Mikkelsen in Cliff, Margaret Qualley in Mama, Nicolas Winding Refn in Heartman, Guillermo del Toro in Deadman, and more.

On November 8, 2019 Death Stranding is expectedto release for PlayStation 4.