6 titles of cult horror games in the past (Part 2)

  1.  Alan Wake

Alan Wake is Remedy Entertainment’s survival horror game, released in 2010. Alan Wake’s story follows a detective writer, trying to solve his wife’s disappearance on a trip to the town of Bright Falls, Washington. All the events in the last novel that he wrote come true.

With such storyline and gameplay, Alan Wake is like a strained movie to suffocate, full of surprises at the last minute.

The game is a subtle harmony between a fascinating story combined with horror episodes and all have been shown excellently on the advanced game technology. The visual and sound effects have been effectively utilized by Remedy, although for a while the camera system proved quite annoying plus odd errors, but in general this is still a very good game which help you get the exciting entertainment moments.

  1. Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame 1 was released in 2001, meaning nearly two decades have passed. But the attraction of this horror and survival game has not completely faded away.

Fatal Frame uses a third perspective, the main character will have to deal with many different kinds of demons. Post-production versions were later produced, all recorded as unique gameplay. Despite being often compared to Silent Hill and Resident Evil, it is still one of the best horror games to play.

  1. Silent Hill

Silent Hill is one of Konami’s most famous titles, produced by Silent Team. The group’s first product made this game a lot of buzz and attract a lot of gamers, soon becoming a “legend” in horror games.

Silent Hill uses a third perspective, with open 3D space. Players will have to fight with different strange monsters, at the same time exploring the storyline of the game. Despite being “killed” by Konami, Silent Hill still has a lot of potential outcomes and promises great success if it comes back.