Best indie game expected to sweep in 2020

There are dozens of independent video games published in the 2019 E3 period. Some of the prominent names below will be a reasonable change of wind for a year full of blockbusters.

No Straight Roads

This is an indie game that has a music game design, but not a regular music game. It doesn’t follow the style you need to play a certain piece of music when buttons appear. No Straight Roads is an action adventure game, using the tunes you create while collecting items to destroy the boss. The game has a relatively strange design, great music, is a combination of action adventure, fine art and music design.


Described by the developer as a combination of skating Tony Hawk and Splatoon. The game depicts deathmatch-style battles “hysterical chaos”. Similar to Splatoon, you will need to “shoot” targets that are real players on a table like a skateboarding game like Tony Hawk. However, instead of using guns, each player is equipped with a paint bucket with a large spoon (ladle) to throw paint at other players.

In addition to performing remote throws, the player can also approach to create melee damage if desired. Each character has different skills and is completely naked. A game that is quite fun, colorful, with a troll-style concept is the main.

CastleStorm II

CastleStorm is a killer game series that combines real-time tactics, resource management and a gameplay with many challenges. The game was very successful on Steam when it received many positive reviews. And the second part released as an inevitable consequence.

Continuing to expand the old style of play as its predecessor, CastleStorm II added a system of self-developing maps randomly, adding resources and elements 4 times more than the original. There will be new types of houses, side quests, animal systems and new recruits.

This indie game has 6 campaign parts with many different characters (add 3 characters from Kingdom and 3 from the world of corpses). The special feature of CastleStorm II is the addition of co-op play and team play.