Can play car racing games help you improve driving skill?

Racing games increase the excitement of players after virtual steering wheel, which can make them more likely to experience problems when driving in real life.

Thanks to vivid effects and top-notch graphics, many car racing games today have extremely realistic, typical simulations such as Asphalt, Need for Speed, Forza or Project CARS.

Some people believe that real-life vehicle control skills can be completely improved through such speed games. This concept is not necessarily correct.

CensusWide’s recent survey was conducted on 1,250 people in the UK, indicating that people who play racing games often tend to be more careless and unsafe than those who are less exposed to the game genre.

Specifically, more than 20% of the total number of respondents admitted to having ever tested the skills they had seen or learned on real-life racing games.

In the group of people who regularly play racing games, 26% each have at least 2 times committed traffic violations. This number in the group of people who rarely or never played is only 17%.

In addition, the study also reported that on average, each person involved had 1.3 accidents since having a driver’s license, more than 2 times the average of the total number of participants.

Notably, 59% of the total number of participants admitted that games sometimes make them “illusion” of their driving skills, 55% agree that game publishers should emphasize more on the dangers that players can face in real life.

In order to be suitable for many ages, in-game collision phases often do not have human images, making deterrence not really high.

However, CensusWide’s conclusion is somewhat in conflict with the 2010 study of the University of Rochester (USA). The investigation nine years ago indicated that video games help increase the player’s reflexes against dangerous situations in real life.

In 2017, the British government even put the racing game Gran Turismo Sport into a driving skills training course for police. The results show that some police officers have shortened the driving time on the same road compared to before being trained, while increasing smoothness and stability when handling situations.

There’s no denying that racing games sometimes give players certain knowledge through the challenges they only get in the virtual world. However, not all gamers can apply those experiences in real terms reasonably.

After all, the main effect of the game is entertainment. In real life, incidents cannot be corrected after just a few seconds as nothing has happened like in the game.