Top 3 English Games on the best iPhone for kids

Here are 3 mobile games that are extremely useful for children to cultivate the international language in a gentle and intuitive way.

1 / Kids English

This is an entertaining game genre for children who are learning to speak to help them learn and play extremely useful.

Learning is always a difficult process, and it takes a long time, so to learn English, the more you need to try, especially from a young age. Understanding that common mentality, many manufacturers have thought that the games are useful, and the purpose to teach them to learn English right from a young age.

The interface in the game is simple, intuitive, most of them are funny pictures, have the ability to be interesting for children, because psychology of young children just likes something fun but not just all word.

Especially the process of playing in the game is also divided into the screen to help children not be bored during the course of their learning and playing.

2 / Baby Hazel Dental Care

This is also a good game in teaching English for school-aged children. Once voted as a good game for iPhone with a huge number of downloads and positive feedback, the game gives players easy-to-understand visual instructions and love.

In this game, the main context is a very small dental clinic, dental treatment for children. As a dentist, using English as your primary language will quickly acquire and use English in the most natural way.

The game is quite attractive, if any young children are active, they will definitely like this game, because it has good interaction, depending on your actions.

Images in the game also do not affect much to young children, because mostly animated images, funny, no problems arise.

There are also a number of good iOS games like that but only in context, such as Baby Hazel School, Baby Hazel Bathroom, …

3 / Play and learn English

This is a free English learning game using flash cards to help children learn effectively based on discoveries of images and languages. Through the representative images, the baby illustrations will promote the ability to think and associate, finally reading a complete English word.

With this game of learning English on iOS she can practice vocabulary, grammar, spelling, English alphabets, along with tests, fun quizzes with new vocabulary.

Vocabulary packages for certain content, with rich and varied words, help both adults and children to learn English on their own.

The game supports a number of application packages for a certain area so that your child can freely explore and learn, such as animals, plants, …

Please learn with this new game with your baby, make sure your baby will be interested.

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