The unexpected benefits of video games

Playing games can only be beneficial if we know how to control, arrange play time in a reasonable way. The benefits of video games below can help gamers feel more confident.

  1. Enhance creativity

Research conducted on 500 children, published by Michigan State University (USA) in 2011 demonstrated that gaming helps significantly increase creativity, and boys tend to be attracted by violent games  more than girls.

However, activities such as using smart devices, computers (other than gaming purposes), internet access, social networks … do not show correlation in enhancing creativity.

  1. Increase determination

Research by a collective of experts at the University of Rochester (New York, USA) shows that young gamers are often more determined than ordinary children with the same level of accuracy and perfection in judgment.

Further analysis, the team found that children play action game genres, which require a high level of activity, is much faster and more mature than the group that likes to play tactical, slow rhythmic games.

  1. Stimulate skill development in children

Exposure to video games at a reasonable age can help children develop interactive, adaptive and problem-solving skills … which is very useful for their learning and career. Besides, gaming also encourages curiosity, creativity, imagination … while promoting the body to produce natural serotonin hormones, which inhibit feelings of stress and anxiety.

  1. Develop communication skills

The survey conducted by Twitch channel on 1000 gamers with the criteria as well as the requirements of specific anthropological statistics, determined to show that gamers build very good relationships with friends and relatives in the family. In addition, they are more aware of gender equality, and tend to prefer to work full time.

Thus, Twitch’s research completely dismissed social prejudices that gamers are often shy, separated from society, even being rejected or discriminated.

  1. Stimulate the link and activity of the brain

The study, published in Scientific Reports, focuses on analyzing the structural components and interconnection of the brain on gamers, showing long-time game players, especially action genres, have a higher cognitive ability than ordinary people or people just play games in a short time.

Later, when experimenting further, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, the team found that gamers were better focused. On the other hand, the coordination skills between their hands and eyes have also grown significantly.