Top 5 great free online games to play with friends during the holiday (Part 2) 

Your holiday will be excellent with top amazing free online games which can play in a group of friends. Let’s try and feel.

  1. Notmycar

Recently, the online game of driving supercar Notmycar has opened for free on the Steam system, giving gamers a great choice if they love the royale battle with a strong action style. Currently people who are interested in can play immediately at:, absolutely no charge!

Notmycar is a royale battle game featuring survival actions on homemade cars with all kinds of horrifying firepower. Players will be thrown into a chaotic battlefield with all kinds of miscellaneous including weapons and special mechanics. The task of gamers is to find a style of their own combination to win against other opponents, surviving to the end.

The game brings very own experiences and requires quite strict, gamers must have appropriate tactics, plus the ability to ‘sniff’ good stuff and great shooting skills.

The most interesting point in Notmycar is that you can turn things around with many ways to combine, build your car according to specific interests or performance according to tactics. Gamers will bring their ‘products’ to every battle, get the right place to start, race against increasingly narrow maps and run around to shoot all opponents.

In fact, the most important skill in Notmycar is driving skill, because if you travel poorly at high speed and stabbed trees, cliffs, houses … then you will surely be the bullet-filled stele of player. Then nothing else is the ability to shoot a gun to kill an enemy, also move as quickly as you.

Make sure the Notmycar is a pretty strange and ‘delicious’ dish for players who love shooting, action and battle royale!

Those who are interested in can join now at Steam of the game with the address