Top 5 great free online games to play with friends during the upcoming International Labor holiday (Part 1)

The upcoming holiday will be filled with these free great online games.

  1. Mad Machines

Mad Machines is a new online game on Steam originated from Hero Blocks ApS. The official season of the game has started on April 4 with Season Zero, and participating players will be able to earn a variety of unique skins for machines and in-game weapons for free.

Mad Machines is inspired by a number of sports such as soccer, hockey, tennis and baseball. Each machine used in the game has a powerful magnet to control, pass and shoot a ball called Spikeball. Players will be able to choose between 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 game modes. When the new season starts, players will be able to earn free rewards when playing and competing in rankings designed to highlight their game skills.

Mad Machines debuts on Steam with three basic character classes – Assassin, Support and Heavy, each with a playable model.

  1. Axiom Soccer

Previously, Rocket League used to be feverish in the game market with super cool kick racing style with fast matches to dizziness and extreme humor. And recently, the new online game Axiom Soccer has appeared with the same type of play, it is also very interesting “tank shooting ball”.

In Axiom Soccer, gamers will team up with others and participate in soccer matches, but the difference from Rocket League is not to drive a car but to fire bullets to change the direction of the ball as well as control them to get into your opponent’s net.

In fact, the style is quite similar, but when playing, Axiom Soccer offers a very different experience, the key point is how the vehicle impacts the ball, not the driver crashing and the ball following. Our butting path also has the effect of firing bullets, making things much more chaotic. Of course this also makes the game very fun, especially when playing with friends gathered as the whole team.

Vehicles in Axiom Soccer run slower than Rocket League, but can fire bullets, various types of ammunition offer different effects. This is what makes the game so difficult to guess!

Plus, the arena in Axiom Soccer is also a little different from the appearance of a goalie, the corners also have a ‘bouncing’ point to take advantage of the attack. In addition to team playing, playing 1 vs 1 is also very fantastic.