Educational e-Games Should Be in School’s Curriculum

Educational e-games are surveyed to help students learn better. It is said that the role of technology in schools needs to be addressed, exposing the perspectives of students and teachers.

Because e-games are popular among youngsters, the importance of bringing gaming into the classroom are being argued. According to a certain survey, 51 per cent of students in grades 6 to 12 said e-games could make them understand difficult concepts easier. Also, just less than half of the surveyed students admitted they would be more interested to learn about a subject if it was presented in a video game.

Otherwise only 11 per cent of teachers said they are willing to use an “educational video game” in their classroom. And only one-third of teachers said they have tried to put online learning in the curriculum.

The studets show different viewpoints against their teachers and parents not only in the sophistication of  technology use, but also in the adoption of emerging technologies for studying purposes.

This unveils a chilling truth: while students are looking for various way to be inspired by education, the adults in charge think that they know what’s best.

That’s a hard statement to back it up, but there are a lot of facts proving e-games are good. The problem is that they’re just being used incorrectly. They are considered entertainment but they are still educational. Studies have already shown that e-games can lead to better skill such as hand-eye coordination and snap decision making. Both of those are valuable skills ih the real society. How valuable it is to be able to grasp information, get all the facts and evidence, weigh choices in terms of outcome, and make conclusion faster than others? These choices need to be make in video games. So, not only do they provide quick decision-making, but they also teach students how to understand consequence as well.

It is very clear that schools and teachers need to get it exactly what kind of chances they’re missing by dismissing e-games. A few of them undestand, but the majority need to catch up. If  they can not adopt this new method or still keep an old school mentality that school is in books, they will lag behind the trend and will not attract students in their curriculum which is very interesting through technology adoption.